There are several benefits to investing in a smart thermostat for your air conditioning system in Monroe, GA. For your convenience, we’ve laid out three of the biggest benefits. Read on to see if smart thermostats may help you get more out of your HVAC system.

A Smart Thermostat Saves Time

All smart thermostats have practical features that save time. For example, if you purchase a product that has a voice command feature, you’ll never have to press buttons to change the temperature or try to remember how to work the thermostat programming feature. The technology will adjust the temperature at the sound of your voice. This can also be accomplished with an app on a smart phone or tablet.

A Smart Thermostat Saves Money

In some homes, people leave the AC on when they leave for work. They do this so that they can return to a cool and comfortable home. However, when an air conditioning system runs while no one is home, it wastes energy and money, and the constant operations will increase the need for AC maintenance.

The solution to this problem is a smart thermostat that has a geofencing management app for mobile devices. While on the go, this dedicated software can adjust an air conditioner’s temperature, activate or stop a cooling cycle, display stats, and more. It can track where you are in relation to your home and get things cool by the time you open your front door.

There are other ways you could possibly save money by upgrading your thermostat. For example, your home insurance provider may give you a discount on your policy if your thermostat is attached to a whole-home smart system with things like an alarm. You can also contact your utility company to ask if the company provides a discount or rebates for smart devices.

Get Better Energy Efficiency

After you’ve upgraded your thermostat, you can take advantage of its energy-efficient functions immediately. For example, you could program the unit to only cool the home based on a schedule, or you could set up the hardware to regulate temperatures in specific zones.

The team at Phelps Heating & Air can help you upgrade your thermostat. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a professional air conditioning technician.

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