If you’re looking for a proven way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, check the attic. According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 90 percent of households in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and cities across the U.S. don’t have enough attic insulation. Additionally, no other part of the home benefits from extra installation more than the attic.

How Attic Insulation Saves You Money

Insulation functions as a thermal buffer between your attic and your living space. In the summer, it protects you from the searing heat and sticky humidity and keeps fresh conditioned air inside. In the winter, it prevents cold air from infiltrating your home and stops your hard-earned heating dollars from sneaking through the ceiling. Insulation isn’t intended to seal your attic entirely. Ventilation is essential to introduce fresh air. When appropriately installed, supplemental insulation can increase your home’s energy efficiency by more than 10 percent.

How to Tell if Your Home Has Enough Insulation

Checking your attic insulation is easy. The process only takes a few minutes, and it will help you determine whether additional insulation would be a cost-effective improvement. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Ideally, your attic should have an even layer of insulation that thoroughly covers the joists. If it has 10 to 14 inches of insulation, that’s excellent news. You’re in the optimal range.
  • If the material is slumped below the joists or if it is less than 7 inches thick, extra insulation could lower your heating and cooling costs substantially.
  • Insulation levels between 7 and 10 inches are borderline. Look for low points and under-insulated areas near the eaves that could use extra attention.

Extra insulation blocks outside noise, improves your home’s air quality, provides better humidity control, and increases your air conditioner’s efficiency. Plus, insulation installation services may qualify for federal tax credits and local utility rebates. To learn more, call Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning at (770) 267-2043.

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