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If you search for items in Outlook and don’t receive the results that you expect, the indexing of your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office system data files the search catalog may not be complete. Symptoms of an incomplete index include the following:. You can rebuild the search catalog, which restarts the indexing of your data files.

The search catalog is a file where all of your Outlook and Microsoft Windows items data files are indexed. This is not the case, however, for Outlook , Outlook , and Outlook The body of digitally signed email messages in those Outlook versions are indexed if they’re signed and encrypted. The index is made up of folders that you choose. Those choices become the search scope. This is a two-step process. You set the Outlook indexing options, and then you check the search scope.

Note: In the Indexing Options dialog box, under Index these locations , make sure Microsoft Outlook is an included location. You can click Modify if necessary to change selected locations. In the Search box, on the Search tab, check the Scope group. Note: Depending on the version of Office you’re using, you might need to click the Start button, and on the Start menu, right-click Control Panel.

In the Search box, type Indexing , and then choose Indexing Options. In the Indexed Locations dialog box, under Change selected locations , select the check box for the location you want to modify, and then click OK. Note: A Rebuild Index dialog box opens warning that the “index might take a long time to complete.

Under Sources , click Indexing Options. Which version of Outlook are you using? Click the Current Mailbox list to check the Scope group. Check the All Mail Items list, and then add or remove data files. Close Outlook and open Control Panel. Need more help? Get support.

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Microsoft outlook 2013 contact search not working free download.Outlook Search Not Working? These Methods Are Available! [MiniTool News]

Outlook search not finding contacts · In Outlook click on File and then then click on Options. · In the Outlook Options window click on Search and. From Outlook select File, Options, Search. Select Indexing Options, select Advanced. Under Troubleshooting select Rebuild.


Microsoft outlook 2013 contact search not working free download


In the Choose commands from column, select All Commands. You can change this later if you want to move it somewhere else. For more information, see Add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar. There is currently no option to revert to the prior behavior, but we would love to hear your feedback to help us with future designs.

To learn more about how to send us feedback, please see How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office. Outlook forwards meeting invitations to other attendees without anyone actually sending an update or forwarding an invite. This happens to accounts that are configured in the iOS Mail app. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions. Cannot display the folder properties.

The folder may have been deleted or the server where the folder is stored may be unavailable. Cannot display folder properties. The fix for this issue is being released in build When you delete a message, the focus jumps elsewhere in the view instead of jumping to the message before or after the deleted message.

Deferred Channel: Fixed in Version Build For Current Channel, set these two registry keys that will disable the flight that is causing the scrolling issue:. Or you can open Notepad and paste the text below and save the file as. About the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant will run a series of diagnostic tests on your computer and help you set up a new profile, or resolve other issues.

If any of the tests fails, it will provide suggested solutions to get your problem solved. It also checks each item in your calendar folder for known problems that can cause unexpected behavior, such as meetings that seem to be missing. Talk to support. If you have a Microsoft for home subscription, or you purchased a one-time download of Office , click the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

Ask the community Get help from experts in our forums: Office on Windows forum for personal, home, or university users Microsoft community forum for business users. Provide feedback in Office app You can send feedback directly to our Office teams:. We love reading your suggestions on new features and feedback about how you use our products! To learn more about how to share feedback, see How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office. Related topics. Solutions to known issues.

The new registry key has a default value of 1, which indicates form script should not run. Enter your account password, then choose Connect. Set your Outlook. Sending an email from an Outlook. In Outlook, choose the File tab. Under Account Information , choose Add Account.

Cannot edit the shared Outlook. Last updated: May 2, Currently, you can’t use Outlook on Windows to edit calendars that are shared with your Outlook. Error when sharing a calendar from Outlook. VBScript does not run or you receive malicious code warning when using a custom form for Outlook [Fixed]. When accessing Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks, you get the following error: The set of folders cannot be opened.

For Outlook , use the workaround below: Warning: This workaround may make your computer or your network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software such as viruses.

Some Web-based Outlook add-ins don’t work in when using on premise Exchange Status: Investigating We’re investigating the issue and will update this page when a fix is available. EXE, version: This issue is also fixed in Deferred Channel build Unable to create second profile with different account on ADAL enabled tenant. To do this: Right-click the Windows Start menu and choose Run.

Type Outlook. Last updated: August, 18 ISSUE Outlook forwards meeting invitations to other attendees without anyone actually sending an update or forwarding an invite.

Please install the latest updates on your phone to resolve the issue. If you right-click the shared folder to check permissions, you see the following error: Cannot display the folder properties. The same problem happens with the remaining 9 users. Is this related to OWA search not working? We cleared cache and cookies in the browser but the contact name wont filter unless we select All Directory. Even if we type Ala in search, not all contacts with Ala will come up. Is there an easy fix so that the remaining 9 machines would work without having to import a contact folder?

For troubleshooting, please provide some information as below to understand your situation and what you encountered:. Because there are 2 ways to search out contacts, first, you can search contacts in the search bar for searching all outlook items. Why don’t I see the name list column in the Address Book? You might have used the More columns search option the last time that you used the Address Book. Click Name only next to Search to restore the name list view.

When you type a name in the To , Cc , or Bcc boxes of an email message, Outlook automatically checks to see whether the name that you typed matches a name in the Address Book. If there is a match, the display name and email address are filled in, allowing you to send the message. If there is no match, the Check Names dialog box prompts you for more information.

If more than one name contains the letters that you typed, you can select the name that you want from the list. If the name is not found, you might need to look in a different address book or create a new contact. If you type an email address or alias in the boxes, and that person or distribution list is in the Address Book, the display name is filled in, replacing the text you typed.

On the Standard toolbar, click Address Book. Tip: You can also open the Address Book from the Tools menu and in an open message. In the message, on the Message tab, in the Names group, click Address Book. In the Address Book list, click the address book in which you want to search for names. Other Contact folders that you create are also listed, unless you set a property to prevent them from being displayed. In the Search box, type the name, or part of a name, that you are searching for.

To search for a name using other information, such as title or location, click More columns , and enter the information. You can search on more than one criterion in this box. After each criterion, type a comma.

Each of the included columns, also known as fields for this information, is searched. If you can’t find the name that you want in the address book that you are looking at, look for it in a different address book. The Address Book list can contain several address books, each containing different information. If you are searching an LDAP Internet Directory for an email address, you have the option of searching for a name by the character that the name begins with or by the characters that the name contains by clicking either Begins with or Contains.

In the Address Book dialog box, click another address book in the Address Book list. To see contacts from your Outlook Contacts list, in the Address Book list, click the name of the contacts folder that you want under Outlook Address Book. Address a message after you have found the name or email address. In a new message, click To , Cc , or Bcc in the message header. Find the name or email address using the steps described in the preceding section, Find names in the Address Book.

Double-click the name or email address, in the list in the Address Book, and then click OK. Type the information, or part of the information, that you are searching for. For example, type a telephone number, location or the person’s title. The information and the solution in this document represent the current view of Microsoft Corporation about these problems as of the date of publication.

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