When you live in John’s Creek, Georgia, you don’t take chances with your air conditioner. Being proactive saves time and money. Here are two common AC issues that, if ignored, can be the demise of your cooling system:

Icy Buildup on Outdoor AC Lines

With weak airflow, insufficient warm air passes over the evaporator coil. As a result, the refrigerant in the lines can get too cold. It can then cause the refrigerant lines to get covered with ice. Weak airflow is caused by dirty filters and dirty evaporator coils, ductwork problems, blocked vents and blower fan issues. Identifying the source of an airflow problem and performing the appropriate air conditioner repair will nip this issue in the bud. If ignored, however, poor airflow can damage the compressor and air conditioner.

Warm Air Blowing Through Your Vents

An air conditioner that blows warm air is likely to have a refrigerant leak. These leaks can appear on the evaporator coil as bubbly spots that cause air conditioners to gurgle and hiss. Leaks can create airflow problems or make existing airflow issues worse. Running an air conditioner with a refrigerant leak can damage your system and destroy the compressor.

Refrigerant leaks are easy to repair when caught early. If they progress, however, tiny leaks can quickly turn into visible holes. The larger the leak, the more difficult the AC repair will be. Besides harming your cooling equipment, running a system that’s low on refrigerant can cause surprisingly high utility bills.

Annual AC maintenance from Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning can help prevent refrigerant leaks. It can also protect your air conditioner’s pipes from icy buildup. Call us at (770) 267-2043 to learn more about our seasonal HVAC equipment servicing plans.

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