Replacing your home’s heater is a serious investment. It is usually a decision you want to put off for as long as possible. Here are four things to consider when deciding to repair or replace your heater in Johns Creek, GA.

How Old Is Your Heating System?

Well-maintained heating systems have useful lifespans of between 15 to 20 years. If your heater is in this age range or older or has not been professionally serviced each year, it may be better to replace it than repair it if you are facing a major repair.

Is It Costing More to Heat Your Home?

An older heating system or one that has not been well-maintained will not run efficiently. This means your heating costs may be more expensive than they should be. New heating systems are more energy-efficient than those manufactured a decade ago and will immediately cut your heating costs.

Is Your Heater Getting Noisier?

It is normal for heating systems to make some noises. However, if you hear vibrations, knocking, grinding or other noises, it could be time for a new heating system. Your heater may have parts that are failing or damage to its structure from rust or cracks.

Do You Call for Heater Repair Frequently?

Sooner or later, all heating systems will need some repair. But if you need to call for service several times a year, it may be time to replace your heater. The money spent on repairs could be better spent on a new heating system.

Whether you need heating system repair or a replacement, you need an HVAC company you can trust. We have been serving the Johns Creek, GA, area for almost 40 years. Contact Phelps Heating & Air to schedule an appointment for repair or a heater installation.

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