Money Saving HVAC Maintenance Programs in Monroe GA and Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance
When it comes to reliable HVAC performance, our preventive maintenance services play a leading role. Set the stage for superior comfort and enjoy money-saving benefits with regular tune-ups from the experts at Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning.

Ensure Your Comfort

When you purchase a quality HVAC system, you expect it to reward you with years of comfort. Even a small glitch in the system, however, can shorten its service life. How do you ensure you get the most from your investment? Give your equipment the professional care it needs to operate properly. At Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning, our Comfort Club preventive maintenance plan includes all the checks, cleanings and calibrations it takes to fine-tune HVAC systems.

  • We check thermostat settings to ensure that the heating and cooling systems deliver the optimal level of comfort.
  • From AC condensate drains and evaporator coils to furnace burners, we keep critical components scrupulously clean.
  • We tighten electrical connections and lubricate moving parts to decrease energy usage and prevent serious malfunctions.
  • Our maintenance experts check refrigerant levels to verify there are no leaks that could cause damage to your property.
  • Where applicable, we inspect fuel connections, burner combustion, and heat exchangers for signs of damaging corrosion.
  • We test the entire system for safe operation and ensure that it starts, runs and shuts off properly.

Pay Less on Energy Expenses

Whether you own a central air conditioning system or a gas furnace, regular HVAC maintenance saves you money. For example, a well-maintained heat pump operates up to 15 percent more efficiently than a neglected one. The savings add up over the service life of your system. Our maintenance services let you spend less on utility bills for years to come. It’s like a savings account that lets you hold on to more of your hard-earned dollars.

Comfort Club Maintenance Plan

Our Comfort Club plan includes the following:

Spring Visit between March and April

  • Replace disposable 1 inch filter
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Drain line cleaning
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check electrical components
  • Take amp draw on motors and compressor
  • Lubricate any motors
  • Check or replace belts as needed

Fall Visit between October and November

  • Replace disposable 1 inch filter
  • Check all heating elements
  • Check gas pressure on gas furnaces
  • Inspect burners and heat chamber
  • Check refrigerant pressures on heat pumps
  • Check electrical components
  • Take amp draw on motors and compressors
  • Oil motors as needed
  • Check or replace belts as needed

All Comfort Club members receive:

  • Priority service over non-members
  • 15% discount on all repairs (excluding service charge)
  • Enjoy increased efficiency of system

Safeguard Your HVAC System

Our Comfort Club preventive maintenance program is designed to keep your equipment running at peak condition. That translates to fewer repairs for as long as you own your heating and cooling systems. During maintenance calls, our service technicians can often identify potential problems and fix them on the spot. Well-maintained HVAC systems last longer too, protecting you from the unexpected cost of a premature replacement. It’s the most cost-effective thing you can do to ensure that you always enjoy a great performance from your HVAC systems.

Trust Your System’s Maintenance to the Pros

Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing a full spectrum of HVAC services since 1981. Family-owned and operated, we are honest, fair, and provide reasonable pricing. When needed, emergency services are available. Our services are available to homeowners and small business/light commercial owners in Monroe, Winder, Watkinsville, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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