The wedding is a special day in everyone’s life. Getting married isn’t just a chance to your time rest of your life along with your partner nonetheless also a party that will be recalled for years to arrive. In southern region Vietnam, there are several traditions that would not become overlooked as a way to own most memorable wedding.

Betel chewing

In Vietnam, betel leaves and areca nuts are a symbol of marriage and were wrecked by Thai people countless numbers of years ago. The betel tea leaf and areca nut gnawing ceremony is vital in the traditional wedding ceremony because it symbolizes for the purpose of the few that they are destined to become one. Additionally, it is a great indication of good good fortune in the future.


In weddings in south Vietnam, fresh flowers tend to be given for the reason that presents to the wedding couple by their individuals. These include gladiolus flowers, daisies, roses, tuberoses, gerberas, lisianthus, nélombo and orchids. The flowers dating a vietnamese woman signify good luck, permanently love, happiness and richness.

Dragon and phoenix

A set of dragon and phoenix is a very meaningful symbol designed for Vietnamese weddings. They can be available on wedding backdrops, lacquered boxes of fruits, cushions of couples and wall decals. They are also embroidered on the pilow covers of the few.

Besides, the couple’s family and family give them betel chewing cases to celebrate the couple’s completely happy marriage. Betel nibbling is an ancient custom in to the south Vietnam but it is normally not done anymore due to industry reforms.

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Lacquered packing containers are also one very popular present with respect to the wedding couple. They can be furnished with bloom, dragon and phoenix, Tune hy persona, the wedding time frame and the bride and groom’s names.

Couple cakes (Banh phu the, Phu the cake, Xu xue cake) are very popular in south Vietnam. They are really made from mung beans, coconut meat, tapioca starch and wrapped in pandan tea leaf inner gloves and rectangular coconut leaf outer wraps. They may be extremely sweet and scrumptious.

Fruit packing containers are a need to at a Vietnamese wedding ceremony. They are usually in red color, constructed and handcrafted with blossom, dragon and phoenix, the marriage date and the couple’s identity.

They are a great gift for the couple to share with their families, close friends and friends on their wedding. They can be purchased at various shops and supermarkets in Vietnam.

Usually, a Japanese wedding feast should have 10 courses served in 4 bowls and 6 china because amount 10 is believed lucky for the few. The dishes in these packaging include boiled whole poultry with sparkly golden skin area, roasted or boiled pork slices assemble within a fan condition, Vietnamese pork roll (gio lua), cinnamon pork taufpate (Cha que), red Gac steamed gross rice and mixed salad.

Having a wedding in Vietnam is an extremely special event for both the couple and their friends. The following are some important customs that should not be forgotten in order to make one of the most memorable wedding with respect to the couple and their guests:

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