As the temperature cools down in Watkinsville, Georgia, you’re probably just starting to use your furnace. Consider getting a preventive maintenance check on your furnace before the weather gets even colder and you begin using it throughout the day. Keep reading to learn what usually happens during a maintenance visit and why it’s important to have one in the fall.

What Do Our HVAC Technicians Inspect?

During a maintenance visit, our technicians will check several parts of your HVAC system to spot any issues that should be addressed to ensure proper system functioning. We’ll replace the air filter; inspect and clean critical components of the system, like your furnace burner and heat chamber; tighten electrical connections; lubricate moving parts; take amp draws on motors and compressors; test the system for safe operation; and complete other maintenance tasks based on your particular system. If you’ve already begun using your heating system, be sure to report any unusual smells or sounds.

What Kind of Maintenance Can You Do?

While you should leave the furnace inspection and any repairs to our HVAC technicians, you can do a little cleaning and organizing to improve air flow and avoid fire hazards. Move any furniture or objects away from your air registers. Warm air will be blowing out of your air vents, so keeping items clear of those vents will reduce fire hazards. Additionally, you can keep your air grilles clear to improve air flow and improve system efficiency and indoor air quality. Also take a moment to wipe down your registers, removing any dust or debris.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance helps keep your system working smoothly and efficiently year round. An efficient system will help keep your energy bills low and extend the life of your system. Additionally, maintenance tasks such as vent cleaning and replacing the air filter will improve your indoor air quality.

Keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Call Phelps Heating and Air Conditioning today at (770) 267-2043 to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit this fall.

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